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You really don't have to work, that is if all your motivation is money. Review our referral program if you would rather make money without a day job.

However, we appreciate talent, and the way we have chosen to go about it in 2013 is novel. Below is a summary of our objectives for sourcing in 2013:

  • We want to grow a strong competency in a number of technologies, our interest at the moment is in Python, Perl, C and C++, Erlang, Java, Scala and C#.. We want to hire developers, not necessarily someone who write programs in one language..
  • We are also looking for people who do not mind pre-sales job in IT. IT background is not a requirement for this but you'll be expected to learn in a short period.
  • Passion beats almost everything except real talent for us. We want people who are passionate about programming, and a second set of people who wants to go into pre-sales of IT products.
  • We want individuals who are ready to grow with our business and our passions, we have a lot of latitude for people to learn

To meet this need, we have decided on an intership program, for undergraduate students..

If you are a graduate, don't give up yet. We are supporting the federal government SURE-P and GIS initiatives and once we are approved, you may follow our job placements there. We will put the same jobs here once we are considered.

For our programming interns, we invite students from anywhere in Lagos, our office is very close to UNILAG and we encourage students from the school to come in for this rewarding program. We plan to remunerate people who join our billable and research projects and we provide room for others to measure up.

Our IT interns must prove they can do more than "Hello World" in any language. You must meet the following criteria to be considered:

  • Graphics guys only need to show their works, and to show they understand a little more about what they do than just using Corel draw (arggggggg!) and Photoshop. We appreciate candidates who understand what vector graphics is, knows why you'd use jpeg in one situation over PNG....
  • Developers must demonstrate a reasonable understanding of one programming language, typically we'll love you if you understand linked lists in c++ or recursion in scala. Don't be deterred though, we especially like Python and Erlang programmers. If you have no prior Python experience, complete a Python course on www.coursera.com and send us an email. Same holds for any other language (do something to prove you're cool).
  • Pre-sales: Really we'll like to start talking to pre-sales interns by July, but if you feel strongly about it, you can send us an email.
  • If you're very sure of yourself, either because you know you are a good programmer, you are passionate or you learn quickly, please join us.

Coursera and a number of websites on the internet offer great courses in programming, seriously if you can complete one of those before you join us, we'll like that. Coffee is on the house!

Below are some useful links to get started, and don't forget to email talent@evincesystems.com:

Human Resource and Payroll * Workforce Automation * Sales Automation Workflow and Business Process Management * Portal Services * SharePoint * e-Commerce suite * BizTalk Server * Sql Server * Oracle * Linux systems * Business Intelligence * Visual Studio Team System * Training