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Human Resources and Payroll System

Oxus Human Manager is an Automated Human Resource application that has 2-in-1 feature.It embeds Human Resource Management Application which automates the entire recruit-to-retire process, so that you can align your workforce with strategic objectives. The Payroll Management Application is not left out with its powerful payroll functions and report generation.

"Oxus": significantly reduces the amount of time your human resources department spend managing employee information. Our Payroll system is powerful, processing payroll faster and report immediately combined with the ability to analyze payroll, allocate deductions, e.t.c.

Features of Human Resource Application Portal.

Employees Records Capture employee personal records, contact information, next of kin information and other biometric information. Also includes dependent information tracking.
Professional Information Work information tracking, including staff level and organizational structures, hiring details and confirmation records. Other features include employee qualifications, work history and experience tracking.
Employee Movement Track promotions; inter office movements and departmental movements. Keep records of total movement of each staff within the corporation, generate staff movement monthly/quarterly/yearly and on demand reports quickly and accurately.
Incidence Management Manage employee initiatives and behaviours, track records for HR business intelligence.
Training Track training information and cost associated with trainings; generate training reports and link trainings to key productivity areas.
Leave module Track study leave, leave of absence, sick leave, annual leave and other configurable leave type options. Generate leave reports, integrated leave tracking governance ensure staff cannot apply for leave days greater than pre-configured leave. Oxus include leave approval integrated workflow. A leave backend allows administrators additional influence on leave plans.
Organizational and departmental information Department job description authoring and headcount tracking. Real-time reports of vacancies created in each department by staff exits.
Employee Self Service Easy administration of human resource needs as employees are empowered to request updates of their own information. Also, employees can self administer leave plans, consequently kicking off approval workflows. Employee password management is also available as a part of self service.
Document management A centralized document repository allows businesses to share office documents among all staff and make them available for downloads and viewing.
Flexible administration Oxus HR feature user authentication and lockout policies, role based authorization allows employees to be added and dropped from roles based on job description. Views and actions are limited to user roles. Additional security features include secure hosting with password encryption/hashing options, password management, password expiration and optional database level data encryption.
Notifications Oxus HR feature real time notifications of leave resumption of staff and birthday reminders.
Reporting and Business Intelligence The application provide on demand, real time access to business reports including departmental headcounts, staff geographical reports and organizational distributions and many more on demand reports.
Staff directory services As a feature of self service, employees can easily locate the phone and a few other details of other colleagues. This foster better relationship among staff.
Payroll integration (Optional) Configurable payroll via formula editing, including pay category implementation which makes it easy to create ad-hoc pay categories for employees on the same payment scales. Features include employee self service pay-slips generation, deduction and addition tracking in payroll and bank report generation
Enterprise Search Excellent integrated search helps you locate all your records with simple and context sensitive search queries.

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