Our automation services take process automation to the next level. We enable enterprises to design workflows and automate tasks that reduce human error, reduce manual work and increase operational efficiency.

Our automation services involve a cyclical process of:

1. Envisioning: We start with a review of business need analysis, engage stakeholders and consider domain expertise to come up with a functional requirement.
2. Design: During this phase, we consider architecture, platform options, security assessment, user experience, project deliverables and timelines.
3. Implementation: During this build state, we often deploy off-the-shelf applications where it matches requirements, do customisation and build works, deploy bots and more. It ends with a pre go-live testing.
4. Operations: We are a company that believes in the build and operate paradigm and we have a devops culture that we implement for organisations.

Some of the works we have done in this space includes Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Straight-Through Processing which continues to emerge as new frontiers for organisations. Tedious, repetitive and error prone tasks are being transformed through bots. We also do major implementations and customization of off-the-shelf solutions both internally built, open sourced and 3rd party solutions.

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