Multi-Cloud Services

Organisations are largely sold on the benefits of the cloud; a more collaborative, mobile, cost-saving and flexible option to computing leading to a competitive edge. For developing economies, it also means a cost-effective solution to always-on computing services. Evince's mission for the cloud is a simple one, to deliver optimal, scalable, flexible, reliable and cost-effective cloud solutions to companies

Our cloud solutions offer resilience and scale through orchestration relying on containers and Kubernetes as well as other server-less technologies. We help organisations to modernize line of business applications and infrastructure and migrate them to the cloud. A critical path of this journey is manoeuvring the many choices and this is where Evince Cloud+ services handle the initial architecture and governance for your organisation to make the journey smoother.

Our offerings for the cloud include the following:

1. Cloud architecture
2. Cloud migration
3. Cloud adoption support
4. Cloud native development
5. Microservices code designs
6. Serverless computing
7. DevOps

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