It will not be incorrect to say we are laureate in telecommunications judging that several of our founders and senior management have years of outstanding performance in this sector. We have delivered several solutions around core nodes provided by Ericsson and Huawei and have delviered projects and strategic outsourcing for some of the major providers in this sector. Our solutions include billing systems, strategic outsourcing and a versatile solution delivery platform.

Case Studies

1. Solution Delivery Platform for MNOs

2. Strategic Partnership for Transformation

Solution Delivery Platform for Enterprises

The GSM telecoms sector in Nigeria, even though a highly regulated industry, is still one of the most competitive sectors in the country. Mobile number operators (MNOs) compete perpetually rolling out different products to target different customer segments and bases. Internally, it's always been traditionally a continuous envision-design-build-test-deploy cycle with developers targeting the core network nodes and deploying configurations and interacting via telecoms APIs.

The challenge for Evince was clear, to help one of the largest MNOs to be competitive by deploying solutions faster.

The Evince approach was novel in that the output of this engagement was a product called the Telco VAS Solution Delivery Platform (SDP) that out-featured and out-performed similar offerings by other multinational companies. The solution was to target all the functionalities of the downstream network nodes and represent each with a set of mashable commands that could be composed with logical operations like switch commands.

The final outcome was a system where new products could be deployed to the SDP via configurations 90% of the time. The regular solution delivery lifecycle was shortened to a configure -test cycle which meant products could be conceptualised and deployed in 24 hours with most of the time spent on testing.

Strategic Partnership for Transformation

Evince has fulfilled a lot of strategic IT outsourcing which involves deploying software engineers to client sites, usually for time-bound assignments or for executing particular projects. This particular arrangement was a sophisticated transformation project for a mobile network operator (MNO) that involved the porting of an on-premise billing platform accounting for tens of millions of daily requests to Azure cloud.

Evince engineers ported the solution to leverage on cloud native technologies including docker and kubernetes to make the system more reactive. The new system stopped the previously incessant downtimes and ensured the MNO was able to meet SLA.

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