Health & Insurance

Healthcare is another sector where we have history, given that we have many founders with a background in HIPAA standard claims solution delivery. Our people have worked in the healthcare industry for years in various service delivery capacities. Our expertise in this area is cross-border, including the delivery of healthcare EDI solutions for medical claims operation. Our experience also includes delivery of electronic medical records solutions for organisations.

Healthcare & Insurance are particularly sensitive sectors that have seen various regulations over the years and recently GDPR; the sensitivity of personally identifiable information, biometrics and biodata continue to gain more attention and companies make the news for data breaches.

One of our solutions in this sector is the Personal Information Token Manager which works by replacing data with tokens giving organisations one of the most secure options to tokenize and protect sensitive information. Our solution provides high-performance data de-identification to replace whole or parts of sensitive data with a non-sensitive equivalent, keeping the original data secure.

Contact us for more information on token managers and protecting your sensitive information, and application services in your organisation.

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