Big Data & Analytics

Evince maintains architects and engineers to offer a range of big data services with the goal of helping our clients to gain invaluable insights from data. Our big data and analytics offerings are cloud native and adopt popular open source stacks including Apache Hadoop and Spark, Kafka and Pulsar. We deliver a complete set of services including storage and processing, dashboards and secure communication.

Our services include:

1. Data engineering: Covering ETL and data pipelines creation, data warehouse and data lakes creation
2. Data visualization: Enjoy graphical representation of information and data in your data lakes. We will provide visual elements including charts, graphs, and maps. Our data visualization tools provide an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in your data and provide an intuitive dashboards that make analytics understandable for the right audience
3. Data security cannot be overemphasized. We provide data communication and storage that are encrypted in motion and rest to protect your data from intentional and accidental destruction, modification, or disclosure by internal and external actors.

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